At Akasha Studio, we are committed to building the yoga community here in T&T by making yoga accessible to everyone. This is why we offer the Energy Exchange Programme, a unique programme in which you can share your time, skills and effort with us in exchange for free yoga class passes. All it takes is dedication, motivation and a love of yoga.

How it works

Once you’ve submitted an application and been accepted for an Energy Exchange post, you will be given a fixed number of working hours per week. In return, you will be given a pass for free yoga classes. The number of classes on your pass will depend on the number of working hours you provide.

Please note that your Energy Exchange role is a commitment and should be treated like any other job; for example, if you are unable to fulfil your responsibilities during a given week, you will be expected to find a replacement ahead of time.

How to apply

1)  Have a look at our available positions and consider the roles that suit you best.

2) Determine the days and times when you can realistically work in your preferred post(s) on an ongoing basis.

3) Email us your application request at using the subject ‘Energy Exchange Programme’. Unless responding to a specific job posting, list three Energy Exchange roles which you would be happy to perform. Your email should also include responses to the following questions:

•   How did you hear about our Energy Exchange Programme?

•   What are the unique qualities you can bring to our team?

•   What do you hope to gain from this experience other than free yoga and pilates classes?

•   Apart from yoga, what are your hobbies and interests?

•   Is there any reason why you may not be able to perform your duties consistently on an ongoing basis?

•   Do you have any health conditions we should be aware of?

4)  Share a link to the Energy Exchange Programme page with anyone else who might also like to benefit from free participation in our yoga and core classes!

If you have any questions on how to apply for an Energy Exchange position, feel free to contact us at or call at 1 (868) 737 6467.